Ukraine National Beekeeping Museum

Welcome To The Ukraine National Beekeeping Museum

The Ukraine National Beekeeping Museum has several displays featuring many aspects of beekeeping in the Ukraine. The museum shows a variety of historical beekeeping artifacts as well as scientific research. Come visit this national and international treasure and learn about beekeeping in the Ukraine.


The museum holds many exhibits and display items.

Petro Prokopovych

Monument to Petro Prokopovych, the father of modern beekeeping.

Bee Research

Onsite Bee Research at the facilities.

Art Gallery

There is a complete bee related Art Gallery in the museum that contains modern,historical and religious artwork

Museum Grounds

On the museum grounds there are many historical beehives as well as a large array of beekeeping related artifacts.


The are many displays showing all aspects of beekeeping in the Ukraine.

Beekeeping Research

Ongoing Beekeeping Research is done at the facility.

Art Museum

There is extensive artwork relating to beekeeping, both historical and modern.

Extensive Grounds

There are extensive grounds showing all kinds of interesting and historical beekeeping hives and equipment

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